MV Augusta 750 Sport 1 Motorcycle Promo

A promotional video for the MV Augusta 750 Sport 1 Motorcycle to be used in an documentary about motorbikes.


The aim of this project was to create a short visual which would show off a limited edition Motorcycle. These shots would then be used in a documentary with a voiceover explaining aspects of the Motorcycle. The main aim of the project was to practice product cinematography whilst ensuring the correct procedures were followed during the planning, production and post production stages.

Hardware and Software

The hardware used during the production of the Motorcycle include: a 4K Sony PXW f7 camera, Tracking Dolly Kit and a Pro Jib Camera Crane.


As my job role was director and assistant cinematographer, I had to ensure all aspects of te process were supervised and complete coherently. This process taught me the importance of preperation during filmind days whereby there is a limited time. Therefore it is essential to have the storyboard on hand to ensure an organised work flow.

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